Sea Cat 565CC

R 360,000.00
This awesome Sea Cat 565CC is on a galv breakneck trailer with 2x 90Hp Yamaha motors with only 45hrs on, beaching kits, full safety and 2x fishfinders.
  • 45 Hours
  • Year 2013
  • 90 Engine


R 230,000.00
17ft Oracle with a galv breakneck trailer with 2x F60Hp Suzuki motors with hydraulic steering and motors have only 114hrs on. Included is a T-Top, switch panel, Lowrance HDS 5 Gen2 fishfinder/gps, Vhf and 29meg radio, bum seat, Gunwale padding and spare wheel for trailer.
  • 114 Hours
  • Year 2012
  • 60 Engine


R 130,000.00
This awesome rig has a 225Hp Yamaha V-Max motor, ski bar, sun canopy, sneaker motor and plenty seating.
  • 225 Engine

Tom Cat

R 610,000.00
Tom Cat 19 forward console with 2x F140Hp Suzuki motors on a galv breakneck trailer.
  • 70 Hours
  • Year 2015
  • 140 Engine

Wave Runner

R 220,000.00
This awesome EX1050 Delux has the new RIDE (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics), side mirrors and boarding step. This ski excludes the trailer which is optional.
  • Year 2017

Jet Ski

R 69,000.00
Gp1200 SUV jet ski is on a galvanized breakneck trailer with fishfinder and large built in tubbies.
  • 240 Hours
  • Year 2002

Jet Ski

R 69,000.00
This jet ski 1200 SUV is on a galv breakneck trailer. It has large tubbies and very stable.
  • Year 2003

Sea Cat 565FC

R 349,000.00
Sea Cat 565FC with 2x F80Hp Yamaha motors on a galvanized breakneck trailer with a great looking pair of aluminium rims, fishfinder/gps unit and some safety.
  • 80 Engine

Wave Runner

R 156,800.00
Yamaha EX1050 Wave Runner. This ski has only 32hrs and is a DEMO and will still have the full Yamaha warranty when bought. This great deal excludes the trailer which is optional.
  • 32 Hours
  • Year 2017

Kosi Cat

R 189,000.00
1x Kosi Cat 16 CC with 2x F50Hp 4-Stroke Yamaha motors with only 115Hrs and includes beaching kits. This boat comes on a galv breakneck trailer, fishfinder/gps unit, hydraulic steering, deck carpeted, full CAT C safety with 4x Life Jackets. 2x Yamaha water traps included.
  • 115 Hours
  • Year 2009
  • 50 Engine

Kosi Cat

R 179,000.00
Kosi Cat 16ft forward console with 2x F60Hp Suzuki motors with trims, 4x stainless rod holders, 29Meg radio, push plate, nav lights, 2x Water traps and on a galv breakneck trailer.
  • Year 2012
  • 60 Engine

Yeld Cat

R 295,000.00
Yeld Cat 17FC with 2x 70Hp 2 stroke Yamaha motors with trim and tilt, fishfinder and Gps system. This awesome rig is on a galvanized breakneck trailer.
  • 468 Hours
  • Year 2007
  • 70 Engine

85Hp Yamaha

R 69,000.00
We have a pair of 85Hp Yamaha 2007 model motors with trim and tilt, beaching kits and 703 controls. Only 400Hrs on.
  • 400 Hours
  • Year 2003
  • 85 Engine

Cobra Cat

R 550,000.00
This very neat Cobra Cat 700 center console has 2x 140Hp 4-Stroke Suzuki motors and only 250Hrs on. This rig includes a galv double axle trailer, Furuno fishfinder and Gps unit, fresh water shower, deck wash system, built in luna tube, 2x live bait wells, Vhf and 29meg radio, and built in fuel tanks.
  • 250 Hours
  • 140 Engine

Tom Cat 30Ft

R 750,000.00
Tom cat 30ft with wheel house and 2 x 200 hp 4 stroke Suzuki motors with trim & tilt, hydraulic steering, Furuno & lowrance electronis units, VHF radio, live bait well, CAT C safety and navigation lights. This deal excludes trailer and mooring.
  • 200 Engine

Wave Runner

R 125,000.00
FX1800 Super High Output Yamaha Wave Runner with a galvanized breakneck trailer.
  • Year 2008

Wave Runner

R 95,000.00
1x FX140 Cruiser with double galvanized breakneck trailer. This is a 2008 model.
  • Year 2008

Prestige Duck

R 55,000.00
On a galv trailer with 2x 55Hp Mariner motor with sun canopy and plenty room for seating.
  • 55 Engine

King Cat

R 389,000.00
On galv double axle breakneck trailer with 2x F115Hp Mercury motors, Garmin Auto pilot, 2x fishfinders, flotex carpets, hard top T-Top, Vhf radio and 29 Meg.
  • Year 2010
  • 115 Engine

Infanta Duck

R 79,000.00
This awesome Infanta duck is on a galv trailer with a 70Hp Yamaha motor, Vhf radio, Fishfinder/Gps unit, and a ski bar.
  • Year 2000
  • 70 Engine

Wave Runner

R 99,000.00
FX 160 Cruiser is on a galv breakneck trailer with winch, fishing tubbiies, live bait well and fishfinder/Gps.
  • Year 2007

Trim Craft

R 39,900.00
Trim Craft cabin with a 60Hp Yamaha with out mount trim and tilt, live bait well, tackle draws, seats in lock-up cabin which can convert into a bed. This boat is on a galv trailer. There is no safety for this boat.
  • 60 Engine

King Cat

R 319,000.00
King Cat 17ft with 2x F70Hp Yamaha, fishfinder/gps, 29meg radio, boat cover, live bait well, bait boards and on a galv breakneck trailer. Boat is a 2008 model and motors are 2010 with only 40hrs on.
  • 40 Hours
  • Year 2008
  • 70 Engine

T-Cat CC

R 145,000.00
T-Cat CC with 2x 40Hp Yamaha 3 cylinder with T-Top, Fishfinder/Gps, live bait well and on a galvanized breakneck trailer.
  • Year 2004
  • 40 Engine

Mini Extaski

R 69,000.00
This awesome Extaski is on a galvanized trailer with a spare wheel and has a 1x 90Hp Mercury motor, ski bar and Sun canopy.
  • 90 Engine