Rubber Ducks

Vaga Rubber Duck

This awesome 7.2m long Vega Duck is powered by 2x F70Hp 4-stroke Yamaha motors on a galvanized breakneck trailer. .

Vega Duck 1000Hours 2011
R 155,000.00
Rubber Duck
R 135,000.00
Super Duck 2014
R 315,000.00
Rubber Duck

On galv breakneck trailer with 2x 60Hp Yamaha motors, some safety, fishfinder/Gps unit, fuel cans and stainless roll bar.

Rubber Duck
R 89,000.00
Bull Dog Duck

3.6m Bull Dog Duck with Termo welded pontoons

Bull Dog Duck
R 12,000.00
Polo Duck

On galv breakneck trailer with 1x 85Hp Yamaha motor with trims and beaching kits

Polo Duck 2004
R 75,000.00