yamaha f100 2017The all-new Yamaha 100HP Midrange four strokes are engineering achievements. Lighter, faster and more powerful than their previous designs, they sport SOHC four-valve-per-cylinder designs that increase volumetric efficiency. They also save weight—13 pounds to be exact. At the same time, they’ve both stepped up to 1.8-liter displacement. Lighter weights, plus more power, creates a thrilling new F100, and makes the F100 a top performer in torque and acceleration. The F100 also features a 25-inch shaft option, which makes it prime power for a range of mid-size boaters and of particular interest to inshore anglers trolling 25-inch-transom multi-species boats. The completely re-engineered Yamaha F100 Midrange four strokes. Powerful new additions to our line-up—and your boating experience.

3 limitedlimited emission

The life of a Yamaha outboard is as varied as you could imagine. Some spend their days chasing down prize-winning catches on commercial boats, others power boats tasked with scientific research in our oceans and somewhere along this spectrum you’ll find them fuelling the average anglers fishing dreams.
We know that our outboards have more stamina than our competition, because year after year we see a rising trend in the amount of hours our outboards achieve on the water.

It seems as if there’s nothing that can’t be done when you’ve got a Yamaha outboard backing you up. So in order to pay homage to you, the skippers who choose Yamaha every time, we’ve decided to reward you with some cool exclusive gear!

If your outboard has done more than 3000hrs on the water, you’re inline to grab yourself an all-weather 3000hr jacket, Yamaha cap and a yearlong membership to Club Yamaha.

3000hr gear

To join this prestigious club, check your mileage and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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