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About Durban Marine


My name is Ryan Hansen, I was born and grew up in Durban, enjoying life by the sea. My father owned fishing boats for most of his life, so I spent a lot of my childhood sailing and fishing with him. His last boat, which he chartered for game fishing off Durban was “Waikiki”.

After Matric, I did my National service in the Navy, travelled overseas, and then joined the family business for a few years. Together with friends, I have owned three boats and just enjoy being around boats.

I fish, spearfish, canoe (3 Dusi’s and still counting), surf ski and play underwater hockey. (Played in the 2006 World Championships in Sheffield, U.K. for South Africa with the Masters Team and got Silver).

So having spent much time in and around the sea/water, it seemed natural to create my business doing something I enjoy. Thus in 2006 “Hansen Boatz & Toyz” was born.


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