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DF140A 4-stroke

Maximizing Fuel Economy, Maximizing Performance
Suzuki has engineered outboards that deliver the best in fuel economy without sacrificing on the kind of performance boaters want in an outboard. The new DF140A takes advantage of Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control system, which has been delivering remarkable fuel economy on outboards like Suzuki’s award winning DF300AP, DF20A/15A and the DF40A through DF90A.


Electronic Fuel Injection
Power Trim & Tilt


4-Stroke DOHC 16-Valve


L: 179kg


2,044cm3 (kW/r/min)

    Suzuki’s Lean Burn control allows the engine to run on a leaner, more efficient fuel/air mixture providing significant improvements in fuel economy. For this it has been well received by boaters around the globe.

    Engine Design
    The new DF140A Lean Burn outboards are based on a 4-cylinder 2044cm3 block with a 16-valve DOHC power head that delivers high power output and efficient operation. All engines feature an O2 Sensor Feedback System that keeps running condition more stable, and the DF140A incorporates a knock sensor that optimizes engine performance delivering greater reliability. Finally, the new DF140A outboards are covered with newly designed engine covers that give the outboards an aggressive, powerful form that looks great on any boat.

    2,044cm3 in-line 4-cylidner engines feature 16-valve double overhead cam power heads.

    Suzuki Lean Burn Control System predicts fuel need according to operating conditions allowing the engine to operate on a leaner, more efficient fuel mixture. The system delivers significant improvements in fuel economy over a wide range of operation.

    An O2 Sensor Control System optimizes fuel delivery by controlling the air to fuel ratio keeping emissions cleaner and more stable.

    The DF140A is equipped with a Knock Sensor. The system detects and controls abnormal combustion optimizing engine performance.

    Suzuki Water Detecting System alerts the operator with visual and audio warnings to help protect the engine from moisture in the fuel.

    Suzuki Troll Mode system offers finer control over engine speed at low rpms and is optionally available.


    Bore x stroke 86×88mm
    Starting system Electric
    Maximum output 103kw
    Full throttle operating range 5,600-6,200rpm
    Gear shift F-N-R
    Displacement 2,044cm3
    No of cylinders In-line 4
    Oil pan capacity 5.5 litres
    Shaft length L: 508 | X: 635mm
    Ignition system Fully-transistorized
    Trim method Power trim & tilt
    Exhaust Through Prop Hub Exhaust
    Weight L: 179 | X: 184kg
    Steering Remote
    Gear ratio 2.59:1
    Engine type 4-Stroke DOHC 16-Valve
    Engine mounting Shear mount
    Fuel delivery system Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
    Propeller selection pitch 14 × 17 14-1/4 x 18* 13-7/8 x 17* 14 × 19 14-1/4 x 20* 13-7/8 x 19* 14 × 21 14-1/4 x 22* 13-7/8 x 21* 14 × 23 14-1/4 x 24* 13-7/8 x 23* * Counter Rotation Propeller available 13-1/2 × 15 13-7/8 x 15 13-7/8 x 25
    Alternator 12V-40A

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