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6250 SpitFire Pontoon Boats


6250 Pontoon Boats

The perfect boat for your next adventure.

The 6250 Pontoon Boat is the perfect boat for your next adventure. It’s comfortable, stable, and versatile, making it perfect for a variety of activities, from cruising to fishing to swimming. With its spacious deck and plenty of seating, the 6250 Pontoon Boat can accommodate the whole family or group of friends. And with its powerful engine and fuel-efficient design, you can enjoy all the fun of the water without breaking the bank.

6250 Dual Pontoon

  • 6.25m (20.5 Feet) on Two All Aluminum Pontoons.

6250 Triple Pontoon

  • 6.25m (20.5 Feet) on Three Identical All Aluminum Pontoons.

6250 DTX

  • 6.25m (20.5 Feet) on Three All Aluminum Pontoons. Two Identical outer pontoons with an oversized center pontoon.

The “HOT HATCH” in the range. 

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    6250 Pontoon Boats

    • The Perfect Boat for Your Next Adventure
    • The Most Comfortable and Stable Pontoon on the Market
    • The Perfect Pontoon for Families and Friends
    • The Most Versatile Pontoon on the Market
    • The Best Value Pontoon on the Market

    The 6250 Pontoon Boats is the perfect choice for families and friends who want to enjoy the outdoors. It is comfortable and stable, making it perfect for cruising, fishing, or swimming. The pontoon has a spacious deck with plenty of seating for everyone. There is also a built-in cooler and a stereo system for entertainment.

    The pontoon is versatile and fun, making it perfect for a variety of activities. You can use it to cruise around the lake, fish for your dinner, or just relax and enjoy the sun. The pontoon is also durable and affordable, making it a great value for your money.


    • Comfortable and stable seating
    • Spacious deck with plenty of room to move around
    • Built-in cooler for drinks and snacks
    • Stereo system for entertainment
    • Versatile and fun for a variety of activities
    • Durable and affordable

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